Monday, August 30, 2010

Board and Batten Bathroom

This is the only "before" photo I could find. And it only shows a little of the wall. But whatev. This wall goes from the shower surround to behind the door. It was just a regular wall. The problem was that my dang kids kept using the towel bar as a pull-up bar and I had repaired the wall one too many times. It was starting to look crappy. So I decided to do what they did in the old days....cover it up with a board and some nice looking moulding.

I had never done this before but since I have watched about a zillion hours of HGTV and DIY network over the years, I felt qualified.

First I took a sheet for 4x8 lauan (lew-on) that I had left-over from my playhouse project. It cost $11 and change. I took some liquid nails for panelling and glued that sucker to the wall. I used one tube but I should have had another on hand. I didn't have quite enough. Or I cut the tip too big. Anyway. I needed a little more but since I was nailing it too I wasn't worried about it.

After I glued on the lauan, I nailed it in place too. I used some finish nails that I had on hand. They have a little divet in the top of the nail so you can use a nail-set to tap the nail in a little further to the wood. That way you can spackle over the nail heads to hide them later.

And I am asking for a nailgun for Christmas.
First I put up the top horizontal piece which I think was 3 1/2 inches wide. Then I did the baseboard piece (same width). Then I cut the vertical pieces (I think 2 1/2 inches wide) to fit. I spaced them 15 inches apart. It just looked the best. Then I put on the sashbead which is that pretty little trim piece on top.
Above, you can see the nails, and my caulk job. I am not that great at caulking but since I was painting the whole thing, who cares. It would all be covered up anyway.
Then I spackled over the nail heads. This particular kind is pink and turns white when it is dry. When it was dry, I sanded it down and repeated as necessary until I was happy with it. Or got tired of it.
Then I primed it.
And then did 2 coats of my trim color which is kind of an off-white. And now my floor looks extra crappy and dirty. Time to learn to tile.

What I would do different: The lauan was a great option especially since I already had it at my house and it was easy to use. It does have a grain pattern to it and it does show a bit even with the primer and 2 coats of paint. So next time I might use a composite material for a smoother appearance. Also, I cut the horizontal pieces a little short so there is a gap next to the shower. I would make sure of a tighter fit next time. Measure twice, cut once I guess.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hello, My name is Handy Honey

I like to make stuff and fix stuff. Sometimes it is girly stuff and sometimes it is manly stuff. This is where I will document what I do. I'm just getting started so be patient! Welcome!