Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kitchen Remodel: Peninsula Update

I intended to put beadboard all around the peninsula. But then I realized I would end up cleaning some sort of spilled something-or-other out of the little grooves. No thanks. So I had to come up with some other decorative element that would be easier to clean.

Here is a cascade of befores:

During: I decided how big the trim rectangles would be and pre-cut them out in the garage. When I came inside, all I had to do was tape them up and then nail them in place with my nail gun. Notice: I had beat up the top part of the cabinet when I was getting the old countertops out. So I used some trim to cover that as well.

Here is the trim I used to cover my mistakes.

Filled the nail holes...

Primed (2 coats):

And painted 2 coats. Here is the finished product complete with new hardware on the far cabinet and drawer.

I am really happy with it! The next post will be before and afters of the kitchen. I still need to get a backsplash going but that is for another like 2 months. I need to recover!