Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Emma's Room

My little sister (age 17) decided she wanted to redecorate her room. She enlisted my help.
This is the before. By the way, I painted those walls many years ago when she was sharing a room with her sister and they had super cute bedding that coordinated perfectly. But it wasn't working anymore. She had long outgrown the butterfly theme.

She was inspired by a gym bag she has that is zebra striped with lime green trim. So that was our jumping off point. We painted the walls gray and came up with some organizational ideas for some of her things.

On the left is a huge magnet board I made for her. She has a lot of stuff to hang up. Most 17 year old girls do. You know, posters, notes, awards, photos, on and on. On the right is her little desk and some jewelry hangers I came up with.

gray bedroom We weren't able to get around to making a headboard like we wanted so I created the sunburst mirror to serve as a focal point above her bed. The scale is a little large but it's fine. She plans to add in some peacock feathers she has. That will look great.
zebra We got new bedding and one or two other new accessories.

She wanted a way to display her lacrosse socks so we devised the green frame on the right of the lower photo.
It is just an old frame painted green with eyelet screws arranged on the sides. We strung some twine and voila! I thought we would hang them with clothespins but it turned out she could hang them right between the string. Handy!
Here is a close-up view of one of the jewelry hangers after we got to hanging it all up. There are hooks screwed into the frame as well as s-hooks hanging from the wire mesh to hang necklaces anyway she wants.
Many of the earrings can hang right on the metal mesh. Everything else is hung on hooks we added.
UPDATE: The metal sheets weren't sticking that great with the adhesive alone. So I ended up putting screws in the corners and other places I thought it needed them.

The luaun is only 1/4 inch thick and I had trouble finding screws that wouldn't go all the way through it. So I actually used a washer and then a decorative washer and then the shortest screw I could find at orange. I am sorry I don't have the length for you. Anyway, I think it looks way better with the screws anyway. It looks more finished.