Monday, January 30, 2012

Laundry Room Cabinets Update

Since I had already painted the kitchen cabinets and the kids bathroom cabinets and the master bath cabinets, all that was left was the laundry room cabinets. After several days of "pinning" and not doing anything, I decided to get after it. I followed the same process as my other cabinets in the house.
--Removed the doors, liquid sanded everything, primed with 2 coats of either Kilz 2 latex or Zinsser Cover Stain (oil based).....

...and then 3 coats of topcoat. I use Sherwin Williams ProClassic Paint (latex enamel) in a custom color match that matches all my existing trim and doors.
I even painted underneath the cabinets, which are laminate. Oil based primer is best in that case.

Notice the crack? I hated it... I caulked it. I heart caulk.
I decided to add a shelf with crown moulding like I had on my kitchen cabinets. I got the original instructions from here. (One of my fave websites, btw.)

This is where I am dry-fitting the cleats.

And dry-fitting the shelf
Here I am nailing the cleat. Nail gun=best investment I have ever made. And it was only like 150 bucks for the compressor and nail gun on a Christmas sale or something.
Nailing the shelf.
Then I added the crown between the cabinet and the shelf.
Since I didn't want to look at exposed plywood edge, I added some edging. All this material is leftovers, btw.
One side of the shelf has like a 1/2 inch reveal between the shelf edge and the top of the crown...
And the other side has like an inch. Whatever. Let go of perfection and just go with it. I wasn't willing to fix it. I filled that huge gap on the end of the shelf with a little piece of wood.
Both sides of the cabinets had big gaps next to the wall.
Covered those with some trim too. I had to buy that but it was only a few dollars for 4 feet.
Then I caulked the crap out of it.
I didn't get a picture of it primed but I did 2 coats of primer and 2-3 coats of topcoat.
Then added the doors back on when the hardware arrived. I ordered it on ebay, which in my experience is cheaper than going to orange or blue to get it.

Sorry about the lighting. It is a small room with no windows and one small light. I'll try to get better light when I do the whole "reveal" of the laundry up: wainscoting. Of course.