Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kid's Bath Vanity

This is our kid's bathroom which doubles as the guest bathroom as well. This is how the bathroom looked when we came to look at the house. Notice: pinkish walls, horrible medicine cabinet (the oak handles in the middle totally block your face from looking in the mirror), and oak backsplash.

We have not yet changed the countertop or flooring. That is for a later date. However, I know we can improve on the rest!

First, I painted it blue. I don't know why. I just did. Probably because we already had the shower curtain and such. Notice: hollywood light fixture, and the fact that I refused to put the medicine cabinet back up after it came down. We lived for quite a while with no mirror.

Recently, we decided to repaint. Mostly because I found this shower curtain for a steal and had some gray paint left over from the playhouse project. Plus I really wanted to try to build some wainscoting on the long wall. That was super fun and easy!
Next, I wanted to paint the vanity. I hate all the builder grade oak in my house. This was going to be great practice for when I want to paint the kitchen cabinets! I removed all the doors and drawer fronts.

Here is a "before" side view. Notice: crappy sticker-type veneer. What is up with that? Also notice the oak and brass toilet paper holder.

I removed the TP holder and baseboard...

...and cut some beadboard to fit. I threw it up with some liquid nails.

I sanded the doors and drawer fronts. I didn't not completely sand off the finish. I used my vibrating sander and just roughed up the surfaces.

I filled the old hardware holes with wood filler...

...and sanded the cabinet face frame.

Here is the primed face.

Primed door fronts.

At some point I decided to try distressing the edges and decided I liked the look.

I also painted the register. Brown would simply not do. You can buy new ones too but since I had the paint I decided to skip a trip to the store. Primed with metal primer and finish coated with heirloom white spray paint.

I decided on the fly to paint the oak backsplash too. No point in leaving that alone.

I put the drawer fronts back on. I have since decided I don't like the look of the distressing ON THE CABINET FACE. I will leave it on the drawers and doors but I think it just looks dirty otherwise.

I had ordered hardward online (ebay is a great place to find hardware for much cheaper than blue or orange) and had to wait for it to come. I had tried to paint my existing hinges but it didn't work out. As the hinges opened and closed, they rubbed the paint off. So I ordered those online too.
Here is a side view after I got the beadboard painted and got a new TP holder. I think the oil rubbed bronze (or black) would look much better but I had already started replacing the brass with brushed nickel shortly after we bought the house so I am going with it. If I could do it over, I would do oil-rubbed bronze.

Here are the photos of the finished product! Well, finished for now. I will be touching up the face of the base cabinet since I don't like the distressing on it. Also on the horizon: tile the floor and backsplash (I have never done this and can't wait to try!) and finding some cheap granite for the counter...Once I do that, it will take the bathroom to a whole new level! Any tips on getting a deal on granite???

Here is the white that I use. I had it color matched to my existing doors and trim. It is like an heirloom white. I use door and trim enamel from Sherwin Williams.


  1. Amber! Very nice. How do you do it with two kids at home??? That is HUGE! But you are an inspiration to us all!

  2. Amber- it looks lovely. Great job!

  3. It has turned out really nice! I think it is a great improvement from before! I love it. -Amanda

  4. Like I said when you showed me.... it's AWESOME!! I am inspired to do my kitchen now!

  5. you're a brave and talented woman! Our bathroom is actually identical to yours! I've been wanting to do something, anything, to it. Thanks for the step by step tutorial! :)