Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kid's/Guest Bath redo

This is what our bathroom looked like before. Jeremy was never really a fan of the blue. The curtain shrunk in the wash and the shower rod was never really secured to the wall. My kids pulled the towel bar down a few times and so the wall had seen one to many repairs.

I found this shower curtain at Goodwill (new) and had some leftover paint from the playhouse that happened to coordinate. It is darker than before but it gives the bathroom sort of a more sophisticated feel. I like it.

There is a lot of white in the room which helps balance the gray. I will be painting the vanity soon too and in the long-term, will be replacing the counter and floor.
The wainscoting was fun to do and really elevates the room. I chose hooks rather than a rod. It allows more of the wainscoting to show and the kids can reach their towels easily now.

We like it. We put the light fixture in about a year after we moved in. It was just the "hollywood" bare bulb type fixture.

We like it. It's fun to have a change.

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  1. It looks really beautiful! I like the color in there and the new curtain is the bomb.