Monday, September 20, 2010

Deck re-do

This is how our deck looked when we came to look at the house. Not our stuff. Note the hot tub. Also note the benches screwed down to the deck. Also note the delapidated fence in the background.

The poor deck was horrible but sturdy. My kids got slivers on it and it had HUGE cracks in it. But our budget did not allow for replacing it. What could we do? We decided to sell the hot tub and we took the benches off.
Even after we power washed it, we could still see where the hot tub was. We power washed it at the highest setting which chewed up the surface of the wood. We were aware of this and it was actually part of our plan since we were going to sand it anyway.

This is just another view of the deck after power washing.

That's me. I am sanding. That thing was serious!

This is Jeremy. He makes it look less serious.

This is after sanding, but before we blew all the dust off. You might also note the spot on the house where the bench had been. Those lazy painters didn't bother to take the bench out to paint the house. Also notice that the part of the deck where the hot tub stood is smaller than the original part of the deck. Really annoying. But I can't do anything about it right now. Oh! And the pavers! I take those out later too.

Here it is with a good hose-down. Looks nice. And you can only see the hot tub scar if you look really close!After it dried for a couple days, we stained it with a semi-transparent stain which turned out to look like paint. It looks good but shows all my kids dirty footprints. So if I could do it over I would probably choose something lighter. Maybe just a clear coat?

Freshly stained! But still with the pavers and bad fence.

We have since replaced the fence and taken out the pavers.

Overall the refinishing of this deck cost less than $150 bucks.

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