Friday, April 6, 2012's at least a start

 My fireplace Mauve. Rose. And it went with NOTHING in my house. While I  have plans to build a nice facade and mantle around it, I got tired of looking at it and had to do something! When I do the build out, most of the brick will be covered except for about 6 inches on either side of the fireplace insert.

 First, I tried a sort of white-wash treatment but I didn't like it. It was just primer.

 So I decided to paint it all white. Primed it with a couple coats of Zinser oil-based stain blocker primer.

 And a couple coats of my topcoat color which is off white and the same as all my doors, trim, cabinets and wainscoting. It is a custom blend from Sherwin Williams, but the paint is ProClassic Door and Trim Enamel. I love it.
 Some of the photos aren't that great because they were taken at night. But it looks good. I have plans to also do something about the brass finish and old handles. Someday. For now, this is better on my eyes!

Towel Bar Repair

 If I had a dollar for every time one of my kids used the towel bar to do gymnastics....well I would have 3 dollars. But I don't want those dollars! In the guest bathroom I gave up and put in wainscoting and hooks. Even though I am addicted to wainscoting, I decided to skip it this time.

Here is the problem.

First I removed the old hardware. Inevitably, one side is not going to be in a stud. There are great anchors for such a situation but I decided to get serious this time.
I decided I would screw a piece of wood into studs and then the towel bar onto the wood. I marked where the studs would fall on my piece of wood and drilled holes.
 I put some liquid nails on the back. Like I said, I am serious.

Then I screw it into the wall. All screws hit studs. They were 3 inch screws I think. Made sure it was level first!

Patched up the screw holes with spackle.

Caulked around the wood to close the visible gaps and then primed and then painted the wall color.

 Then put the bar back up. Shouldn't fall down now! For the most part, you can't even see the wood since the towels block it anyway. At least I know the kids will not pull it out of the wall!