Friday, April 6, 2012's at least a start

 My fireplace Mauve. Rose. And it went with NOTHING in my house. While I  have plans to build a nice facade and mantle around it, I got tired of looking at it and had to do something! When I do the build out, most of the brick will be covered except for about 6 inches on either side of the fireplace insert.

 First, I tried a sort of white-wash treatment but I didn't like it. It was just primer.

 So I decided to paint it all white. Primed it with a couple coats of Zinser oil-based stain blocker primer.

 And a couple coats of my topcoat color which is off white and the same as all my doors, trim, cabinets and wainscoting. It is a custom blend from Sherwin Williams, but the paint is ProClassic Door and Trim Enamel. I love it.
 Some of the photos aren't that great because they were taken at night. But it looks good. I have plans to also do something about the brass finish and old handles. Someday. For now, this is better on my eyes!

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  1. It looks great. It is much better than the first picture... I think a cool wood mantle would make it POP! Something to think about!