Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Any easy one: Frame re-do

Don't you hate how expensive frames are? I needed one for a big photo of my kids. I picked this one up at my Goodwill. They are committing highway robbery over there. This one was $10 thanks to the 50% off color tag. Otherwise it was 20 bucks! For a beat-up, ugly old frame. Whatever. Even $10 was too much, IMO.

I just took it apart. Once I bought it, it was mine to do what I wanted. So I had my way with it.

Then I got it ready to paint (removed the glass).

Sprayed some primer on it (I used gray because I was painting it black).

And then I sprayed it with black spray paint. Voila!

Classy-lookin' frame for only $10 since I already had all the paint! Don't even ask what the picture cost me. Here's a tip though, take the photo yourself and upload it to Costco. A print this size would probably cost you $5.99.

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