Thursday, March 8, 2012

Organizing my personal pharmacy

 The other day, the baby got his immunizations. I was gone when he really needed some Tylenol for his sore leg. My poor husband looked all over and had a hard time finding it. Well, really it isn't his fault since I had like 4 places it could have been. So I decided to make life easier on him.

I collected all the stuff.

 And sorted it. And threw out everything expired.

I wrote names on the top to make them easy to identify. This was before I learned about the painter's tape tip that I used when I organized the pantry. Writing on bumpy lids is hard.

Then I divided them by type. The plastic containers have the less-used meds. The basket holds what we use every day, i.e. vitamins, daily meds, and meds we use frequently.

The less-used meds are stored away in a cabinet and the basket is on top of my fridge for easy access each day but not so easy access for the kiddos. A couple of the kids don't have child locks so we don't want them to get into it!

And since I am like my grandma, I have kept all these great containers for some future purpose. Any ideas?
  It's amazing I get anything done with this little guy around! Oh, and my other 3 kids....


  1. Can I have that baby? He is so cute! This post makes me laugh because I did the exact same thing recently because everything was everywhere! I even wrote on the lids just like you did! Great minds!

  2. Just heard about your blog recently and I'm so impressed! :) I'm doubly impressed that you find time to do it all with those sweet cheeks just asking to be squeezed all the time. What a cutie! Thanks for the organization inspiration! Now that I don't have to move in 6 weeks, I might be motivated to organize a little too. :)