Friday, October 19, 2012

Pantry Reno PART ONE

 I have been planning a pantry project for a while. When the hinges of the door finally gave up the ghost, I decided it was a sign to get going. First order of business was to expand the doorway a bit.

 Removed trim
 Took out door jamb

 Cut back drywall
 Made some exploration holes to figure out how to proceed

 Cut out what I could
 Trimmed the drwall from inside the closet
 Made a new header same as the previous one, just a bit longer. Oh, and empty the pantry finally. After I got dust all over everything first. Sometimes I just dive in and can't be bothered with the details.

 Patch drwall
 Cut back the studs from the floor
  And filled in with pieces of plywood...
 And extra flooring pieces to bring the height back up. I tried to replace the whole pieces of flooring (tongue and groove laminate) but it was not working. Plan B is to replace the WHOLE kitchen floor with tile. But that isn't happening right now for a variety of reasons. So plan c...
 ....make a threshold to cover the holes. It is a thin piece of wood painted the trim color. Glued and nailed down.
 Here are the pullouts I am going to use. Drawers I found at the ReStore for $1 each.

 Removed the contact paper, dusted, cleaned, primed them

 And then painted with a few coats of top coat---trim color. I am going to replace the contact paper with something else. The drawer bottoms are still tacky from the old contact paper and wouldn't paint well. Perhaps I will modpodge some pretty paper in or something. I don't know yet. Something wipeable.
 Finished drwall repairs, and painted walls.
 Trimmed the front

 To be continued.....


  1. I think you mean REDO...have Reno on the mind? =)-AMIE

  2. No, Ames. I mean Reno. I watch too many Canadian renovation shows on HGTV and DIY. They say "renno" for renovation. I am sure Reno is on someone's mind though. :)

  3. Reno is on my mind. Seriously Amber.... you are amazing! That sort of stuff makes me shudder! I should totally be more like you!