Monday, August 29, 2011

Farmhouse Bed with new pillows

Here are just some updated photos. I ordered some fabric from and made a couple pillows. I didn't have pillow forms so I just took an extra standard size pillow and cut it in half. They aren't exactly the same size and it drives me a little nuts. OCD, anyone?

And I hung my piece of art I made...oh....last year I guess. I got the duvet cover at Goodwill for like $7.99 about 6 months ago. Score. I knew then that I was going to head in a yellow/gray/white direction in the master bedroom so I picked it up.

wainscoting board and batten
board and batten wainscoting
I need to do something about the ceiling fan and I have to figure out how to make our other furniture look decent. But until then, I am happy with the new look!

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