Thursday, August 18, 2011

Master Bedroom Farmhouse Bed

Last we met I was finishing up the wainscoting. I had no camera to document the progress until now. The wainscoting is done and you will see it in later photos.

While I was working on that I decided to repaint as well. And with all that work I had to move my bed around and such. Well, it is a piece of garbage. It is just a metal frame, no headboard, nothing. And it was propped up on blocks because it was too low to store anything under the bed. And then I realized one of the wheels was busted. I got so ticked that I was having to deal with that piece of junk that I decided I was going to get us a new bed. Well.....make us one.

Enter the Farmhouse Bed from Ana White/Knock-off Wood. I had my sights set on it for a while but finally bit the bullet. The camera was gone for much of that as well, but here are some photos from when hubs returned home.

This is the footboard getting a paint job.
Here is the footboard and a glimpse of the headboard too. I used "rattle can" primer (gray) and then satin black for the top coat (also in spray cans). I also did a couple coats of polycrylic at the last minute. Good thing too 'cause my kids are already climbing all over that thing!
This is with the primer. Headboard.
This is one of the sideboards as it came from the store.
Lots of sanding later.
Setting it up in the room. (See the wainscoting and new gray wall paint?)

Supermodel baby.

That thing is so sturdy. It is unbelievable. It turns out my kids can now get up on my bed with ease by using the footboard as a ladder. Great. As soon as I make my bed they have to climb up on it and jump all over it. Oh well.
The lumber cost about $115. I used the following tools: miter saw, nail gun, palm sander, drill (duh), and at the end I bought a Kreg Jig Jr. ($35) to put the side rails on. I had a lot of paint and poly on hand but I had to buy some extra so I probably spent $25 or so on spray paint.


  1. I cannot believe you did this!!! I am totally amazed! Do not tell my husband how awesome you are cause he is going to be JEALOUS of Jeremy!

  2. I LOVE it Amber! The black bed w/ the white and grey looks stunning. You are sooo talented! Great job :)