Monday, April 1, 2013

Desk thingy part 2

Next steps included: finishing painting, adding legs and hardware.

I swear that I took pictures of staining the top but I guess I didn't. So the top is 5 2x6's that were sanded smooth and then stained with one coat of "Early American" which was redder than I expected so I went over it with a second coat of "Dark Walnut." I like the result. I have not chosen a finish to protect it yet.

The board were laid on top of the bottom sections and then secured by 1x2's underneath to hold them all together. I want to take this with me (if possible) when we sell this house (someday) so that was the least amount of screws and such. Plus, each board is itself pretty heavy. So permanently attaching them together would make it impossible to move.

More pictures to come when I get the finish all done! And I must figure out some plan for the upper part of the wall. We definitely need some more storage and room for books....

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