Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Office upper cabinets and chairs

 Unfortunately I didn't take picture of the process of the upper cabinets, but here is the down-low. I bought cabinets at IKEA. They are called IVAR cabinets and they are simple, pine, unfinished storage cabinets. I couldn't find them and the store and the kitchen cabinet lady didn't know what I was talking about. So I went over to a catalog (where I had seen them) and showed her. She told me where to find them but not without first making sure I knew they were not worthy to be with the kitchen cabinets. Or something. Major snobbery in that moment. No matter. I got what I wanted they were $80 per double cabinet.
 I added trim on the front. I once again used the long, 5-gallon bucket type stir sticks that are free at the Home Depot. These cabinets had a funny lip on the door...hard to explain. So my trim covered it up. But then, later when I added handles it was a bit of an issue. But no one can tell. HAH! I can't even explain it in a way that would make sense. Painted them "surfer" by Behr, paint plus primer. It covered AMAZING! I was surprised. Sorry, photo doesn't included the handles on the doors. Maybe I will get to it when I build bookshelves for the open areas on the sides.
 I picked up these chairs at the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. My husband, Jeremy, thought I was nuts.
 But I think they turned out great.


  1. I love the cabinets! What did u use for trim and what is the color of the paint. Thanks, Jane

  2. I've looked and looked for the paint color and I can't find it! It's been too long. I feel like it was a Behr color and it had surf in the name. For the trim, I just cut up some of the large paint sticks that are free at Home Depot. I pieced them together for the longer lengths.